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Sebastian Palazzo

Your home loan specialist

With over 14 years in Hospitality and 6 years in Security and Crisis management, Sebastian has developed a strong subset of skills that translate seamlessly to the Mortgage Industry. Sebastian understands how to build strong healthy relationships, while also understanding the importance of maintaining client anonymity and confidentiality.

Sebastian’s accounting background and investment knowledge allows him to work with homeowners to educate them on equity generating techniques and wealth management concepts. Sebastian works hard to understand someone’s current financial status so that he can point his clients in the right direction to achieve their goals; whether that be experiencing reduced mortgage payments, debt mitigation, an earlier retirement, or passive income Sebastian genuinely enjoys helping his clients and community whether they be first-time home buyers or seasoned homeowners looking for a more prosperous financial outlook. 

Step up to a good mortgage

Letting me work for you can make the difference between getting approved at the best possible mortgage rate, getting approved at a higher rate than you could qualify for, or in the worst case scenario not getting approved at all. Whether you are applying for a mortgage or the purchase of a new property or are looking to refinance your existing property, working with a reputable and experienced mortgage broker can help you get approved for the right mortgage to fit your personal and family needs.